The Top Mosin Nagant Stocks

The Mosin Nagant rifle first entered production in 1891 and was fielded by over 40 countries during its 80-year service life. They were built in Russia, Finland, China, the United States (under contract by Remington during the First World War) and a handful of other Soviet Bloc countries.

Over the years many of these venerable rifles have made their way to shooters and hunters on the military surplus market at prices as low as $30 each. As the 7.62 X 54R round is similar in performance to a 30-06 Springfield cartridge and available at a fraction of the price of that cartridge, the rifle has become very popular as an economical deer hunting rifle.

The days of the $30 rifle may be long in the past, but the it can still be had for under $100 if the shooter looks carefully.

Why Mosin Nagant Stocks are Useful

Although many shooters and hunters use them in their issued condition, the original wooden stocks can be quite heavy and cumbersome. The sling placements on them are not ideal for hunting use, except in the case of the Finnish made rifles.

The length of pull on these stocks are somewhat short for most American shooters as they were designed to be fired while wearing thick Russian military winter coats. Not to mention, the original wood can be rough in appearance due to decades of hard use and questionable handling and care. Thankfully several companies make quality aftermarket stocks to replace the original military wood designs.

The Top Three Mosin Nagant Aftermarket Stocks

We have taken a look at three of them. Each one was built for different purposes and price ranges. Continue reading below to get more information about each type of mosin nagant stock and the features that they have. Make sure that you do your research because you don’t want to end up getting a bad one for your rifle.

Pro Mag AA9130 Archangel OPFOR Precise Rifle Stock

For a robust tactical stock, an owner needs to look no further than Pro Mag’s Archangel (read in-depth review here). This fiberglass stock is built like a tank and resembles a high end sniper or bench rest style stock. Pro Mag offers it in three colors: black, desert tan and olive drab.

Slings can easily be attached via Quick Detach (QD) releases for traditional mounting or along the sides. A sling swivel stud can be added to the forearm to allow the shooter to attach a bipod as well.

The butt of the stock features easy adjustment for cheek piece height and length of pull so that it can be made to fit the individual shooter. This is truly a target grade stock and represents the top of the line that is available for the Mosin Nagant rifle.Pro Mag Archangel Black

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This stock allows the barrel to be free floated in that the rifle can be mounted in the stock without the barrel making contact with the stock. High powered rifle cartridges such as the 7.62X54R cause the metal to heat and expand over the duration of as few as five shots fired. When the metal comes in contact with the stock, it can affect the rifle’s accuracy.

It will increase the overall weight of the gun but it makes up for it in increased accuracy. A five-round magazine comes with the purchase, but Pro Mag makes a ten-round version as well.

This stock will fit Mosin Nagant rifles with the M91/30 designation as well as the shorter Romanian M91/59. Rifles such as the M44, M38 and others may need to be specially fitted.

Advanced Technology International Monte Carlo Rifle Stock

ATI (Advanced Technology International) was one of the first companies to offer a synthetic aftermarket stock for the Mosin Nagant. The design is a traditional non-adjustable Monte Carlo style characterized by its well-formed pistol grip, sharp checkering and distinctive cheek rest.

Sling swivels are the stud type and are in the two traditional mounting positions, the bottom of the buttstock toward the rear and the front part of the forend. ATI advertises that they are compatible with all variants of the Mosin Nagant and claims the fit is “drop-in”. However, some minor fitting may be involved.

ATI Monte Carlo Mosin Nagant Stock

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These stocks are most commonly sold with various kits to allow the shooter to further customize the rifle. Scope mounts, replacement bolt handles and Picatinny rails are often included in these kits dependent upon the needs of the shooter. Typically the main difference is the type of scope mount included in each kit based upon a traditional mounting position or the extended eye relief “Scout Scope” method of scope mounting.

For a complete sporterizing project on a budget or for a Scout Rifle conversion, this may be a more affordable option than the Archangel stock mentioned above.

AR GEAR “Operator” Stealth Black Ambidextrous with Storage Compartment + Stock Extended 1″ Recoil Reduced Butt Pad

This is not so much a stock as it is an upgrade kit for an as-issued military stock. It addresses two issues. One is a question of ergonomics brought up by a generation of shooters raised on rifles having a pistol grip. The other addresses the length of pull shortcoming found on most Mosin Nagant rifles. AR Gear’s pistol grip screws into an existing stock to give the shooter better control and ergonomics. The pistol grip is hollow with a closeable base and allows small items to be stored within.

AR Gear Mosin Nagant Stocks

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The second piece of this kit is a rubber butt pad that replaces the issued steel butt plate and gives an extra inch of length of pull to the shooter. As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest complaints with the Mosin Nagant is its relatively short buttstock.

You can get the butt pad alone if that’s all you need.

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It may not be the most attractive option available, but it is definitely the most affordable one and probably the easiest to install without making any modifications beyond drilling a placement hole for the pistol grip screw.


There are numerous stocks that one could choose from for their mosin nagant rifle but hopefully with the help of this article you were able to find the right one for you. It can be a long and hard road to finding just the right one but this article should point you in the right direction.

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